Saturday, December 31, 2016

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About our Blog

Hello, Pony friend.

Nice that you're here.

Would you like to know everything about your favorite animal? Then you are exactly at the right place here! With the Pony Gang Blog, we would like to answer all the questions you may have when you start riding. You will learn everything important about horses and ponies, the correct handling, great riding, appropriate horse keeping and much more. The more you know about horses, the better you will deal with them, as you know what they like and what not. And so it will not just be about learning, there also will be games and fun to pass time.

And now we wish you a lot of fun on our Blog!

Your Pony Gang Team 

Info for parents

Dear parents,
Horse Back riding is a wonderful hobby. Horse Back riding is a Lifetime sport. Riding is personality-forming. And, riding is almost safe, provided you know what you are doing. However, the right knowledge is best suited to the theory, but the time is often too short, during regular riding lessons.

It is very rare that the instructors have no interest in communicating their knowledge: sometimes it is because of a tight timetable, but much more often because the parents save themselves the money in order to offer their children the so much beloved - Dream of riding. There is not much left for additional theory lesson.

However, theoretical knowledge is especially important when dealing with a living being subject to certain instincts. Many accidents in handling and riding would be avoided by proper action. And right here we would like to close the gap and provide your children with this important background knowledge.

All texts are written in a child-friendly manner and illustrated with colorful illustrations. And children usually like to learn when they are fascinated by a topic. This not only benefits the horses but also the safety of your child.
Only happy and satisfied horses, who are treated like horses, are balanced and safe leisure partners.

If your child can not read, just help him. Read together and look at the colorful pictures. Together, it is certainly more fun :)

You are welcome to send me your questions, we will answer you personally or take up a topic in the parents' corner.

Your Pony Gang Team

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